The Deep Lying Podcast is a weekly audio creation that talks all about the most glorious game ever created: Football Manager. Bringing together fans, obsessives and zealots, we’ll be attempting to compliment your love of the beautiful game about the beautiful game with some top quality nattering.

We’ve now been going for a whopping two years. In that time, we’ve recorded dozens of podcasts with guests such as Adam Le Fondre, Iain Macintosh, Alex Stewart, Pete Donaldson, Tony Jameson and many more.

Like many a Premier League club, we’ve had a few managerial changes in those two and a bit years – initially it was the Clough and Taylor of the FM podcasting world, George Osborne and Ed Wilson who led the DLP to glory in the early years. Nothing lasts forever sadly, and like when Sir Alex left United the next appointment was vital. Sadly, the DLP didn’t look at the high percentage chance of failure when you hand the keys over to a Scot and put two in charge – they lasted less time than David Moyes themselves.

When you need to return an institution to its former glory, where do you turn?

Chris Darwen and James Jones.

Time will tell if they are more Jose or Pep.

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