Episode 131 – Pep and his half-time team talks

Chris of ronniedog.media (@tenpotatoesfm) and James Jones of footballfancast.com (@jamesjonesfm) talk about what happens at halftime on FM18.

With Pep leading twice in the last week, there is no doubt that he told City “not to be complacent” rather than aggressively reminding them that “they must do better”.

As ever, there are a few ‘tips’ to take away for your own saves as well as segments from @fm_grasshopper and @longballfoot

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The Deep Lying Podcast is a Ronnie Dog Media production, edited by Alex Whitington (@a_whitington13)

From the Archives: Episode 85, Brattbakk to life, Brattbakk to reality

‘From the Archives’ is chosen by Luke Adamson today.

Ben, aka ZeGermanFM, joined George to have a conversation about why he’s impersonating ex-Rosenborg footballer – and Sensi legend – Harald Brattbakk in FM17.

Along with puzzling this out, the boys also talked about save updates, their favourite FM players, the best way to poach(er) goal and gave you the latest news from the FM Slack community.

From the Archives, Episode 23: Madness with Macintosh

Today’s ‘From the Archives’ as chosen by @CurtyFM

George and Ed got overly excited by the release of the FM16 Beta and Iain Macintosh’s guest appearance, so threw the usual structure out the window for some special shenanigans.

We discuss Iain’s time with the FM16 beta so far, talk about his new book, get the lowdown on his Everton save for The Set Pieces and pitch some questions from the community (as well as finding out what would happen if George’s PSG Qatari owners pulled the plug on his big spending fun).

The Deep Lying Podcast Episode 130: Getting Retro with CM9798

Chris (@tenpotatoesfm) is joined as ever by James Jones (@jamesjonesfm) and special guest David Black (@cm9798).

The guys chat retro Championship Manager and CM9798 (obviously).

Dave tells us about his upcoming CM9798 World Cup.
And, don’t worry, we have more FM Tips and a community roundup!

The Deep Lying Podcast is a Ronnie Dog Media production, edited by Alex Whitington (@a_whitington13).

From the Archives: Episode 96, The FM17 Cup Final

We didn’t have to scroll back too far for today’s From the Archives thanks to @ubeep choosing #EP96

George and Ed headed to the #FM17 Cup final to find out which Football Manager fan walked away with a cheque for £5000.

They ‘analysed’ the games, spoke to competitor Matt Halsworth, interviewed the winning team AND spoke to both Alex Stewart and Iain Macintosh.

From the Archives: Episode 42, The Worst Football Manager Ever!

Today we look back at Episode 42.

Ben, aka The Worst Football Manager Ever, joined George for a chat about being the worst FM streamer around. They chatted about ultimate FM staff hires, George’s quietly confident start to his Benfica save, Sutton United, why being rubbish at FM is interesting and a couple of community recommendations.


The Deep Lying Podcast Episode 129: The Injury Crisis!

This week @tenpotatoesFM (Chris Darwen) managed to hit that record button meaning he is definitely joined by @jamesjonesfm (James Jones of footballfancast.com).

This week’s topic is injuries and what to do to when you are in the middle of a crisis and how you can avoid ending up in a crisis. Prevention is better than cure and all that!

There’s another FM Tip of the Week but there is no Community Roundup because @longballfoot has eloped to Milan.

As ever, there are some fine answers to the Question of the Week, but the most important thing is that we pressed record. Progress!

The Deep Lying Podcast is a Ronnie Dog Media production, edited by Alex Whitington (@a_whitington13).

From the Archives: Episode 17, FM16 is announced!

Yet another trip into the history of the DLP.

In Episode 17, chosen by @TedRedGaming, we go back to Episode 17 where in a special edition of the show, the guys picked through the Football Manager 2016 announcement and discussed near enough everything they could about it.