Episode 67: The First Q&A Podcast

Ed was a little under the weather last week, and George was in Germany. So we’re loading up this week with a whole bunch of podcasts to make up for it. And we’re starting with a super special Q&A podcast!

It’s going to be the first of many, and there’s a solid reason behind it as well. We’re launching a Patreon in the next couple of weeks, and we’re trying out some new formats. We’re ambitious, we want to impress, and you’re pretty much our imaginary board.

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Episode 64: It’s Another Tactics Special

This time round we’re back with another special podcast focusing on the tactics we use in our FM saves. Well, George isn’t, he’s off gallivanting who knows where like some sort of gallivanting crazy.

Instead Shrewnaldo and Lee (FM Analysis) jump into the fray with their sexy Scottish accents. And it all gets a little bit late night, X rated, whispering into the microphone.

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Episode 63: United (Rantcast) We Stand

In the first of two (yup, that’s right, count ’em) episodes this week we start off by clearing tea-gate. Ed does like tea, he just doesn’t like crap tea. And we’re joined by Paul from the United Rantcast. Who we offer a pie.

He also has a friend called Ed who he hosts a podcast with. And he makes weird stuff with puppets. The question of the week revolves around your FM rivalries, all to tie in with the Manchester derby.

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Episode 62: A Look At The FM Engine

George and Ed return, and this week they’re joined by Daljit who has a lot of synonyms. You might know him as Bust the Net. And we start off with a bit of an apology for being useless last week.

Daljit gives us some background on who he is, and how he started playing Football Manager by accident. He didn’t even own a computer when the bug first bit him about a quarter of a century ago.  Continue reading

Episode 61: Talisca can do one

Ed’s back this week, apparently with a kerbang, whatever that means. He’s joined as always-ish by George, and this week’s guest is Kev Chapman.

Kev is a FM Youtuber and Twitch streamer who you can follow on Twitter. And if you wondered where that name came from, well you should listen to the podcast and find out.

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Episode 60: Money Talks

This week George takes on hosting duties because Ed has spontaneously combusted. Don’t worry though, he’ll be re-congealed for next week.

But George is joined by Mark Bowen. Who’s had a lovely day full of work joys. He’s a relative newcomer to the FM community, but we all love some new blood.

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Episode 59: Preseason Preparations

In this week’s podcast George returns and is super cruel to Ed with his first sentence. We think that you call that business as usual.

This week we’re joined by Luke from StatisticalApp, who can’t remember the last time he was on the show. That’s how memorable a stint in the Deep Lying Podcast hotseat is.

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Episode 58 – The First Proper Tactics One

This week George is sunning himself in Spain, so Ed is joined by FM Analysis and Shrewnaldo to try something ever so slightly different – a podcast about tactics.

The question of the week is all about the roles you’d use for your central midfielders in a 4-3-2-1 formation. Do you keep your formation defensive with a couple of conservative picks or go bold and throw in an attacking playmaker?

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