A Football Manager Season In…The German Second Division

The beauty of Football Manager, for me at least, is in how deep the rabbit hole goes. For some that means falling in love with regens and getting their names printed on their shirts. And for others, it’s all about having Wayne Rooney as their assistant manager at Accrington Stanley after he’s hung up his little troll boots.

But for me, the joy has always been about finding something new in the world of football I hadn’t seen before. Whether it’s a genius new talent or a surprisingly progressive side, I genuinely find grazing the ample plains of the FM database a joy.

Which is why I’m embarking on an exploratory series of my own for The Deep Lying Podcast. Called “A Football Manager Season In..” I’ll be diving in and out of a variety of leagues from across the world to give you an indication of what they’re like and whether you should spend time in them.

To begin the series though, I’ll backdate things slightly and include my season with Nurnburg in the German Second Division. Because, though it ended in failure, it showed what a rollercoaster ride that league can be.

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