A Vintage Year: Why Football Manager 2016 Delivered The Goods This Year

We’ve reached the point where the majority of us have said our goodbyes to Football Manager 2016. Across the community, players are signing off their saves and leaving their final thoughts on an FM that has – for the most part – been considered a bit of a vintage for the series.

As someone who loves clambering on a good bandwagon, I could hardly resist the opportunity to join in the reflective fun. So here are my thoughts on FM16 and why I developed a particularly soft spot for it this year.

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The Football Manager Guide To Football Management Review


Have you ever thought of what it’d be like to learn to play Football Manager nowadays? For those of us who’ve played for decade/decades, can you imagine what starting the full career mode as a newbie must feel like? Probably like being given the Sunderland job after applying to work there as a work experience kid, I bet.

So it makes a lot of sense for Sports Interactive and Sega to release The Football Manager Guide To Football Management. Despite it being light on actual advice on how to play the game, Iain Macintosh’s eighth book (and second about Football Manager, the lucky bugger) acts as a cheery Ghost of Football Present to helpfully inspire your management efforts from the training pitch upwards.

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