Episode 91 – Community Section Round-up

I’m delighted to be making my debut on the Deep Lying Podcast site and I’m bringing you something big: the first ever round up of the podcast’s community section to hit a website.

I’ve been compiling the community section for the podcast, which has been running in conjunction with #FMSlack since the middle of January, and there’s been some brilliant content produced in that time across the blogging and YouTubing spectrum.

Before now, I’ve just been posting the round-up on Twitter once the pod has been released. Now that George and Ed are Patreoning however,  we’ll be giving you the all important links to what you should be catching up on and who you should be following across the community every Monday from now on.

Let’s get into it.

I was lucky enough to be on episode 91 of the podcast, along with FMPressure and the guys, and I mentioned that it’s really difficult to compile a community section and leave out the Higher Tempo Press. I try to mix things up every week, rather than continually plugging the usual sites, but they produce such consistently brilliant stuff that it’s very tricky to leave Chris and his HTP team out!

Case in point of this is The_Metodo_FM’s (make sure to give Metodo a follow on Twitter, very underrated and under-followed!) brilliant piece on how to choose the best role for the number 10 in your team. Football Manager was free to play over the international break weekend, and as such, Sports Interactive were regularly pushing out links across their social channels to posts that might help those picking up the game for the first time. This was one of the posts that got promoted, and it was a testament to all of the hard work that Chris and the HTP team have been putting in across the FM17 life cycle. The site has gone from strength to strength and is getting even better.

I included two more suggestions from the Higher Tempo Press. From_the_Wing guested on episode 89 of the pod, and he continued HTP’s real life and FM crossover series by taking a look at West Brom’s corner setup in the non-FM world, and tried to replicate it on FM. The Higher Tempo Press’ grand leader, Chris, also gave us an update from his FC Ryukyu save in Japan this past week. In the update, he also linked off to a video he produced for uMAXit on recreating Julian Nagelmann’s Hoffenheim tactic on FM, which he’s adopted in his current save too. How does it do? Read it and find out!

Since compiling the community section, every week I’ve asked members of #FMSlack for their recommendations too. Who doesn’t love a bit of user generated content!? This week’s suggestion came from Keysi Rensie, and it was for LongBallFoot. He’s three seasons into a Salernitana save, currently in Serie B. He’s going well at the half way point of the season, can he push on and make the promised land of Serie A?

RegistaFM is one of a number of individuals who started blogging after joining us over on #FMSlack, which has been great to see. He’s currently Brondby (there’s just something about the club and those yellow kits that takes you back to the Champions League in the 90’s) and takes us through the squad. Once you’ve read that, he also managed to get another update out over the weekend, and it’s looking like it’ll be monthly updates going forward so make sure you follow along with those.

The final plug on the pod was for, well, me! I wrote about the cracking 4th season I had with RBLeipzig. I couldn’t finally topple Bayern and Dortmund’s stronghold on the Bundesliga, and win it, could I?

This didn’t appear on the pod, but what about a bit of exclusive content for this post eh? Don’t say I don’t spoil you. JTaylor1409 has put together a short video explaining how you can download one of the greatest inventions of modern times, CM01/02, to your tablet or mobile! You 100% should check that out and kiss goodbye to life as you know it.

If you’ve heard George and Ed bleating on about #FMSlack over the last few months and haven’t taken the plunge to join it yet, what are you waiting for? You might be struggling tactically, you might have a cracking looking regen that you want to show off, or just join in with even more Football Manager chat on a platform that’s growing all the time.

The easiest way to sign up is by either DMing me on Twitter (they’re open, slide on in!), or emailing me at [email protected]