Episode 100 – Community Section Round-up

Where have the last two years gone? George and Ed have hit episode 100, and it’s an absolute corker for your listening pleasure. You’ve got an hour with Miles Jacobsen, Mr. Football Manager himself, plus an interview with Mark ‘Chappers’ Chapman, plus the chaps take us through their DLP awards. If you haven’t listened already, then I’d seriously recommend you do.

There wasn’t a community section on the pod itself, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything from the community to plug. Here are your usual weekly picks from me.

Gaffer Graemo is about to start the 2018/19 season in his Schalke save, and he takes us through his pre-season transfer dealings. He’s just come off the back of a Champions League win, how will he get the squad prepared and ready to go again for another assault at glory?

Good friend of the pod and massive Rangers fan, John McIntosh, is doing brilliantly with his beloved teddy bears. He’s into his sixth season now at Ibrox, and he’s been dominating domestically. In Europe, he’s not had quite the same luck but is really confident of going all the way very soon in the Champions League…We’re hoping to get him onto the podcast in the near future too.

It’s a very Champions League-heavy intro to the community section this week. VivalaVidaFM has put together a three year plan for his own attempt at gaining European glory in his Globetrotting journeyman save. Will he end the series with some silverware?

Both of these chaps are really active on FMSlack and also produce some great YouTube content too! JTaylor1409 has a brilliant Steaua series, plus a couple of extra experiment videos involving the Romanian league. GamerJamesFM has been doing brilliantly in his Marseille save so far too. I’d definitely recommend you check them both out, they’re both great guys too.

Alex Dieker makes his debut on the Higher Tempo Press with a great concept looking at implementing Southampton’s Black Box recruitment strategy on the game. Pieces like this are my favourite kind to read about FM. Love an in-depth strategy for recruitment that brings in non-FM concepts into the game.

The final shoutout is quite a relevant one. I’m ever-so-slightly late in writing this piece, I could make an excuse up like George and Ed usually do, but basically I completely forgot! Anyway, I’m writing it as episode 101 of the pod is released, which features TeachFM. He’s joint Twitch streams with FatmanDoop and they were our final shoutout for episode 100 of the pod, but if you want to hear more about their plans, listen to episode 101 now!

And that’s your lot for the community section from episode 100. I love putting these together every week, there’s always so much good stuff happening in this little community of ours. Keep up the awesome work everyone, and keep sending it across in case I do miss it!