Episode 101 – Community Section Round-up

Here comes my picks from across the community over the last week. They appeared on episode 101 of the podcast, and so did Teach FM. Have a listen if you haven’t done so already!

Teach and his new partner in crime, FatmanDoop, completed their 12 hour Twitch streaming FM marathon on Saturday, and we applaud them for it. I got the chance to check out their efforts on Friday night, and it was absolutely brilliant I have to say. The uniqueness of the double stream aspect of it is great. I’d definitely recommend that you check it out sometime.

Talking of something unique. Jack Williams has started to blog his save in Djibouti! Not something we’ve ever seen before anyway. Not enough saves across the community are being done in Africa. Sort this out please, community of ours.

Inspired by FM writing from across the community, Stuart Davidson has ventured into the world of FM blogging himself. He goes through his thinking process before picking the club he’s going to go for. Have a read and find out who he chose!

Again, along similar lines of things you don’t tend to see too often amongst the community, is many mentions of FMTouch. AccordingtoFM is looking to change that though, as he’s written a guide to that version of the game on the Higher Tempo Press. He’s been writing about his save from FMTouch this year, so definitely check out the rest of his posts on HTP too, if you can.

Keysi Rensie has been busy as usual, and he’s getting to the point in his Reading save where some of his loyal servants are starting to retire. This week, Liam Kelly did, his favourite player so far from the all-conquering Reading side.

We’ve had a couple of new series’ starting on the old YouTubes over the last week. BoodFM has taken over at Bayern Munich. It’s a bit different to your usual save though, as they’ve had a 30 year transfer ban and he’s got a lot of work to do to get them back dominating German football again.

He’s been teasing it for a few weeks, discussing it on his Twitter, and Doctor Benjy has taken the plunge into a new series with SPAL in Italy. They’ve just been promoted to Serie A in the non-FM world, but he’s going to attempt to replicate that on the game rather than start with an updated database. Will he succeed in his ISPALian Job?