Episode 103 – Community Section Round-up

Tactics special klaxon! It’s been a while, but George returned with a tactics special and he was joined by one on FMSlack’s resident tactical boffins, FMFutbolManager. They took on questions from the community and tried their god damn best to answer them. Have a listen, and then come back here for the quick links off to the community section plugs.

First up, FMFutbolManager (we never did find out if that was his real name…) gave a shoutout to the IBWM FM17 series that’s being done by Will Sharp. They hit episode 20 this week, and we’d definitely recommend you give that a read when you get the chance to.

LPQR is back to doing what he does best, that’s creating a club from scratch and doing a youth only save. He told us all about his approach when he first appeared on the pod, and after previous successes, he’s heading home to Moldova to try it!

We gave new blogger, tommysboy007 a shout out for his debut a couple of weeks ago, and he’s released a great post this week looking at his attempt at a 3-6-1 tactic. Would definitely recommend you check this one out.

The Slack FM17 tactics challenge was thought up by Dan Gear and it’s when a challenge is set for everyone to play with the same team, and try out the same formation, but interpret it any way they want to. Keysi Rensie loves doing them, and has written about the latest one. A 3-4-2-1 with Benfica, and to try and get Kostas Mitroglu to score as many goals as possible.

OffthePitchFM combines a guide to what you should think about when considering a new save with telling us all about his new save. He’s taken over the newly created club, The Lions, filled with young English talent, bankrolled by the English government geared towards making England a footballing superpower again. Will England’s young guns make it to the top being controlled by a human manager that gives them adequate gametime?

LokiDoki has started a how to do YouTube series, which should be really interesting for all the budding video content creators out there. The advice isn’t even necessarily purely for FM video making. Give that a watch.