Episode 104 – Community Section Round-up

Episode 104 of the Deep Lying Podcast saw one of the community’s biggest YouTubers, Work the Space, join Ed for a chat on all things Football Manager! They discussed their usual save updates, Jack gave his views on media consumption across the community, plus what I hope will be a new recurring feature, Ed’s quickfire questions!

Have a listen to the pod, and while you are, scroll down and check out the community picks from the last week.

WerrettFM has made a return to blogging, and he’s decided to join Monaco and manage their raft of FM stars and wonderkids. There’s a few posts to catch up on now if you haven’t checked it out already. Will he manage to keep hold of Lemar, Mbappe and Bernardo Silva and challenge PSG?

I know Ed’s a big fan of his videos, and FMLife is back with another in-depth look into a part of the game. This time it’s youth development, as he takes a look at how single player’s development progresses over time, digging into each aspect of it.

There’s been another return to the community over the past week, DerFM is back too! He’s taken some time to take stock of what he wants to produce content-wise, and he’s made the decision to go back to doing what he does best, managing in Germany. He’s joined Fortuna Dusseldorf, and is walking us through his way of playing the game.

It hasn’t been written about very much at all, but there was a new role introduced by SI to FM17. LongBallFoot takes us through the advantages of having a data analyst. Yes, there is some! Surely some work to be done on this staff role for future games.

Our very own George wrote a post this week. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. There was a post on this very website about FM that wasn’t my community round-up pieces! George takes us through a summary of his three seasons at Palace that you’ve been hearing all about on the podcast every week. He’s made the move over to Germany now with Hoffenheim. How would you rate his time at Palace?

Work the Space joined in on the community section and gave Quill18 a shoutout for his foray into Football Manager with Ayr United. Got to admit that I haven’t properly watched any of this, but it did make national news in Scotland when he visited Somerset Park last season after he’d played as the Honestmen on FM. Pretty cool!