Episode 106 – Community Section Round-up

Episode 106 of the podcast featured the almost veteran of the FM community now, Dan Gear. If you want a run down of the community content that was featured on the podcast, you’ve certainly come to the right place!

DeepSleepingPlaymaker has introduced himself to the blogging community and very relevant to George’s chat with Len last week, he’s started at Ajax! Also along the Ajax lines, LPQR has been managing them as he goes through a third part of his Fantasista experiment.

FMRamblings is shifting his approach to a youth-only one, and he’s started a new save with Malmo. Scandinavia always throws up a cracking youth prospect or two.

PaytonYT is a YouTuber and a streamer who’s made the move into blogging. He’s joined Preston and has made a couple of decent looking signings as he begins his new save.

Dave Azzopardi Tweeted that if Wolves signed Ruben Neves, he’d get a Neves tattoo. Keep an eye on that story as it rumbles on, but related to it, Wolves have been making Premier League quality signings and Dave has been testing out how they’ll do on FM.

You’ve probably developed youth players before, but have you ever aimed to develop managers on FM? That’s what AndorraFM is doing now. Great post this one, a unique approach to playing the game.

New YouTuber klaxon! The strong Scottish FMer contingent has been added to with CautiousPaul starting a series with his very own Aberdeen.

Dan himself gave a few recommendations alongside my usual ones. Regista’s SlackFC made a return to the Higher Tempo Press this week. Come and see how they got on in their first season as a club.

FMPressure also made a return to writing over the last week. He’s still been ploughing through his Auxerre save, one of the best of FM17.

FMFutbolManager’s emergence over the last few months as one of the best writers around the game has been brilliant to see. He continues that trend here, with a look at his contain mentality he used to great effect at AEK.