Episode 107 – Community Section Round-up

We had Fatman Doop from the ever-growing FM streaming community on episode 107 of the podcast. Ed had a right old natter with him on a big variety of topics. Would thoroughly recommend you give it a listen, they’re bromance grew as the episode went on. It was cute.

If you’re here for the community section round-up though, here you go!

jtaylor1409 was recommend by Doop for his Steaua save on YouTube.

OneTrueNerd initially started this save on YouTube but it’s now transferred over to Twitch and streaming. It’s his Homegrown Hotspur save where he’s battling Brexit demons.

The westreamFM account tweets out streamer recommendations and lets you know when streamers are currently live. Give it a follow on Twitter.

JLAspey made a return to writing recently, with more of a focus put behind his manager and his profile, rather than focusing on one club. A couple of seasons in so far, make sure you catch up with the whole story.

If you didn’t catch the post from our provider of the community section himself (that’s me) I wrote about my 6th season with RBLeipzig where I (almost) went the entire season unbeaten and won a quintuple including another Champions League trophy.

GeeW_FM finishes up his Leeds series on YouTube. He’s relying on results going his way, but can he guide them back into the Champions League?

CharlieTangoFM and MikeTangoFM have been doing a great series of posts on the Higher Tempo Press, where each of them have taken over at Milan and Inter. With one match left in the league season, who’s bringing home the Serie A trophy?

VivalaVidaFM returns with a new save after a few weeks out. It’s not really an entirely new save though, as he’s made the move in his previous Globetrotting save and he’s joined Torquay who sit in the Conference South in 2039. The aim is to make the Premier League, possible?

The new season is almost upon us, and the guys at FMInside, of which Len appeared on the pod the other week, are constantly releasing an updated transfer database for you to download and try out ahead of FM18’s release.