Episode 93 – Community Section Round-up

Episode 93 was a bit of a corker in my opinion! Ali Maxwell of Not The Top 20 podcast was on, and the pod had a very EFL flavour, naturally. Alongside the usual save updates, George asked Ali to give his recommendations of players to look out for across the 3 divisions, and Ali also gave us some recommendations of interesting clubs we might fancy doing a save with across the EFL. If you haven’t listened yet, do click the link and check it out.

Down to business though and the community section!

As well as giving us those save and player suggestions, Ali mentioned that he’s a fan of following along with the career updates on the official SI Games community forum too. I’m not going to sit here and say I’m a frequent visitor to the forums, but I know a few that are, and there is some brilliant stuff to be found on there if you go looking for it. One thread in particular that Ali mentioned was JimboKav’s Icelandic youth only challenge.

The first of my community shoutouts was for Keysi Rensie. He’s written a summary of the 10 years he’s been at Reading. He’s taken them from the Championship to consecutive Champions League glory, well not just your standard consecutive, but four times in a row! He’s done it with mainly players who were at the club from the beginning, and what’s most important is, he’s not finished yet!

Next up was something I only first spotted recently, but has been going on since November 2016! It’s Alex Dieker, and he’s been doing an Ajax save on Ajax Daily. Who doesn’t love following along with an Ajax save on Football Manager? There’s 7 parts for you to stick your teeth into, but just a couple of seasons in.

People in the community often need a little break, but we like it when they return. James at the FMWhizzkids is back after a 5/6 month absence! He’s returned to YouTube and he’s started a series with a club close to his heart, Montrose who play in League 2 in Scotland. He’s around 5 videos or so into it, so not too far into it that you can’t catch up on what’s been happening so far.

If you’re looking for another new series to watch on YouTube, then look no further than BoodFM. He might be 40-odd episodes into his Huddersfield series, but episode 41 might be the one you want to start on if you aren’t already watching. His little Huddersfield side are challenging for the Premier League title on the last day of the season, and it’s a double episode, as he’s also playing against Barcelona in the Champions League final! Will he win both? Will it be just one? Will it be absolutely nothing? Watch and find out!

The team over on the Higher Tempo Press have been using #FMSlack to their advantage by hosting some Q&As! People are encouraged to get their questions submitted and every Monday a selected member of the team answers them! It’s been a really awesome use of Slack’s capabilities and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the Tempo Team that little bit better. After it, the write up gets posted onto the HTP site so even if you aren’t on Slack to follow along live, you can still catch up. The latest one was with FMAdventure, so have a read and get to know him a little bit better.

The final community shoutout on the pod was for RegistaFM. He’s a part of #FMSlack, and he had an idea to invite other members to become part of Slack FC! He asked us to submit our details and attributes, and he’s going to create the team and stick them into the English lower leagues. How will we do? Stay tuned to find out!

Now, you know I always like to treat you and give you something extra as a thank you for reading these. This week’s comes from Timmssports, and it’s from his cracking Grasshoppers save he has going on an edited Alpine database he put together. He takes us through a lesson in patience, playing time and pesky agents. He spotted something in Harun Alspoy, and didn’t give in to agent demands. It’s cracking post that hopefully you all take into your saves too!

Thanks for reading this, and hopefully you’ve gone off and caught up on some of the brilliant community content that’s being produced. Just a couple more links before I go:

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