Episode 94 – Community Section Round-up

It’s me! I’m back with another community section round-up from episode 94 of the podcast. This week’s pod was a tactics special with FM Analysis and LPQR appearing as guests alongside George and Ed (making a return after a few weeks). They answered some of your questions you’d submitted and had a good old natter about narrow formations in particular. Always a hot topic. Once you’ve had a listen to that, and find yourself intrigued by the community content that George mentions, head on back here and easily click the links to go and read about them. We’ve got you covered.

First up, and it’s a big one. If you’re reading this and you haven’t visited the Higher Tempo Press yet at all, what are you honestly playing at!? There’s so many good things going up on there at the moment it’s becoming very tricky to keep track! It’s not just the usual stuff though. There’s a really brilliant mix of different types of content, writing and videos. With a lot more to come on the video front very soon I believe (I feel like an ITK Twitter account). The couple of pieces I wanted to highlight were from Avery1822 and DistanceCovered. Avery’s taken over at Atlanta United in MLS, but he’s not the manager, oh no. He’s acting as the club’s director of football. Something that is a constant request to SI, but is very unlikely that they’ll ever bring in to the game. DistanceCovered made his debut on the site and introduced us to his moneyball approach to FM management. Something that’s been a huge hot topic since Alex Stewart made it trendy at Bristol. Lee/FM Analysis was on the pod and is of course a regular on HTP too. He’s been doing player analysis pieces for EatSleepDrink, and then crossing them over with a look at the players on FM too. Definitely recommend to check those out too.

Ever since he burst onto the blogging scene, I’ve classed FMGrasshopper as one of the best writers in the community. He just keeps on smashing out some brilliant pieces. He recently took his managerial alter-ego, Angel Bastardo, on tour and visited some of the other brilliant writer/managers. You’ve got to check those posts out if you haven’t already, but the Bastardo is now back in management! He’s joined Inter in 2021 in the same in-game universe as his previous save was. Something that others don’t tend to often do.

OffthePitchFM joined the community blogosphere, joined Norwich, and introduced us to the club structure he wants to implement at the club. These are the kind of posts I really love when it comes to FM, people having the imagination to try and implement things in-game that the game doesn’t necessarily help us do. It’s what makes this bloody game so bloody brilliant. Also, there’s a flowchart in this post. A flowchart! Related to FM! Just give it a read.

Someone that’s been mentioned a good few times now over the last few months but is still criminally under-followed on Twitter is MetodoFM. He’s written some great pieces since his emergence, including his save with Falkirk and the number 10 piece on the Higher Tempoi Press that was shared by the official FM social accounts. He’s started a three part series looking at his approach to youth development, in the eyes of human resources management. It’s a great week of FM content if your a fan of corporate jargon!

Our community isn’t just catering for the readers or the listeners, people make videos that you can watch too! I spotted AccessEuphoria this week. He’s quite a few seasons in to attempting to turn AIK in Sweden into a European football giant. A tough task at hand, will he manage it?

Not been spoiled enough by giving you all of that to catch up on? Okay then, here’s a little extra as usual for being so kind for reading this far. Leeds United have suffered in the Championship for too long, so FMReport set out to make them great again. He’s reached the end of the road of his time in charge, so did he make them great again? Here’s the 24th and last post in the series, but if you’ve not read any of the previous episodes, I’d thoroughly recommend it!

As ever, thanks for reading! Remember if there’s something you’ve spotted or produced yourself that you’d like to be given a plug on the podcast, just let us know! Give us a Tweet directly or just include #wearethecommunity in your Tweet.

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