Episode 96 – Community Section Round-up

Episode 96, eh? Hands up who thought the guys wouldn’t even get to episode 10 way back when the podcast started, never mind episode 100! But boy we’re glad they have.

The latest episode saw George and Ed take in the BetBright FM17 Cup final in London. Yes, George and Ed were both in the same room! It includes chats with Iain Macintosh, Alex Stewart, and the undisputed champions of the whole tournament, who take home a prize of £5,000! Give it a listen, then remember to come back here and get the round-up of the community section.

Chris Darwen has left the Island, and taken a flight to Germany. You might remember earlier on in the FM17 cycle that he set out to eventually take the Bilbao job, after a successful period managing their B team. He failed in that attempt, but it’s not deterred him! This time he’s taken over at Dortmund II, and he eventually wants Thomas Tuchel’s job! The trials and tribulations of B team management are brilliant to follow along with. Whoever said that it’d be a boring save to do?

How about this? We’ve got Lee/FMAnalysis taking an in-depth tactical analysis look at Keysi Rensie’s recent Champions League win with Reading on FM? Yes, that’s an analyst analysing someone else’s match on Football Manager. Isn’t that some sort of real life/Football Manager fourth wall being broken down? Either way, it’s a great piece and I’ve heard on the grapevine it’s going to be a series so keep your eyes peeled for another one coming soon.

Next up was me! Things are going brilliantly right now in the Red Bull Revolution. No one likes us, but I don’t care as I wrote about the tactic that won me my maiden Bundesliga with RBLeipzig and the Austrian Bundesliga at the first time of asking with RBSalzburg. I’ve also managed to get through the first half of season 5 in-game at both clubs too, and things are looking very promising to retain the titles in both countries. I’d love you to give them all a read.

John McIntosh is one of the biggest Rangers fans in the FM community, so it’s been great to see him doing well at Ibrox in-game! Give his most recent update a read, as he goes the the entire league season unbeaten. He was also one of the most recent contributors to the Deep Lying Patreon too, so thanks again, John!

Continuing on the Scottish, Rangers and Celtic theme, CG27 has been trying to do better than Brendan on YouTube. Given than Celtic are on course to go the entire domestic season unbeaten in the real world, he’ll have to pull off a John McIntosh-like feat to do better than Brendan on FM.

It’s exclusive plug time! ElCholoFM wrote a bit of a reflective piece on being a bit of a one post wonder when it comes to blogging. It includes the line “If Mr. Slack himself FM Samo is Occasional FM, I must be “is he ever going to FM?””, which I absolutely loved. It looks like he might have just settled on a new save, but will there be more posts to come from it?

As they’ve mentioned on the pods, George and Ed are massively grateful to everyone that has contributed towards the Patreon so far. Just wanted to finish up this community round-up with another reminder that if you want to become a Patreon for the DLP you can head here, read the info and decide whether you want to contribute a couple of dollars a month.