Episode 97 – Community Section Round-up

Episode 97 of the pod had a retro feel to it. Retro in that it was just George, Ed and you down your headphones listening in. Like the good old days had returned. Yes, we all love it when a guest is on. But how good was it to just listen to the guys have a good old natter about all things FM. Give it a listen if you haven’t already.

The community section appeared as has been normal for the last couple of months. Here’s your usual round-up of what I picked out over the last week that I think you should be checking out.

The Northman made a return to writing! You might know Paul from back in the FM Central days (RIP, gone but never forgotten) and he’s been dipping in and out of other FM things since. He fancies himself as a bit of a streamer mostly these days I think, so do give him a follow if you’re a fan of watching FM on Twitch. Señor Strikerless managed to sign him up to write a great post to how he’s approaching Moneyball in the National Leagues with Darlington.

I’d spotted a few Tweets about this, so thought I’d check it out. The guys at The FMCHub are trying to create a community hub for content creators on YouTube. They explain it all on this video, so if that’s something you’re interested in getting involved in, do give the video a watch and get in touch with them.

One thing I think we’ll see a lot of in the next couple of months is saves appearing based off what’s happened this season. Preventing the drop with Hull, can you actually win the league with Brighton, make Jeff happy and keep Hartlepool up. They’ll happen on FM18, of course, but they’ll be some cleverclogs’ out there getting them going before FM18 appears on our Steam purchases. Two of these I spotted this week have been with Nottingham Forest. They’ve had a dreadful season in the Championship, and it’s a popular save to do to get them back to the top like the olden days. Thomas Roode is documenting his save with them on The Higher Tempo Press, while FMAmerican is writing about it on his own site. Talking of preventing the drop with Hull, here comes your exclusive plug just for reading this post. Dave Azzopardi has used SortItOutSI’s great tool to start a new save with Hull, starting in January to try and stop them being relegated.

The next couple of recommendations are quite related. Firstly, Loki Doki released a video entitled ‘Dear Sports Interactive and Sega’ which included his views and opinions on how FM is currently promoted and their (lack of) collaboration with those that create FM content within the community, which seemed to come from the angle of YouTube only. I say that, because this week also saw Anthony Haynes’ great piece on preventing red cards picked up and promoted by the official Football Manager social media accounts. So what’s it to be? What are your thoughts on it? We’d love you to let us know by commenting on this post, or giving us a shout on Twitter.

Ed had a couple of recommendations of his own to make this week. First up, FMAnalysis brought us the second post in his new series of analysing other FMers matches, and he gave his thoughts on one of Ed’s recent battles against Man Utd in the Champions League. His second shout was for a not-so-recent video from FMLife, but one that gives some great info on something that’s often misunderstood on FM, training.