Episode 99 – Community Section Round-up

It’s the big week! Episode 100 of the Deep Lying Podcast will be gracing your ears this Friday. Some of the details for it have been revealed on Twitter, so if for some reason you aren’t already following the DLP account on there, fix that mistake right now!

Before that though, here’s your community round-up from episode 99. It was hosted by Ed, and with George off gallivanting in Scotland, he was joined by two Scotsmen as replacements, Keepers and FMSamo (hey, it’s me, hiya!).

The first community shoutout was for BenDPB. He’s been doing a great series on his YouTube channel where he’s been interviewing other members of the FM YouTube community. Keepers himself appeared on the very version we’re linking off to, so once you’ve listened to episode 99 of our pod, head on over to Ben’s YT channel for a double dose of Keepers.

Talking of YouTube, in their continued quest to take over the world. The Higher Tempo Press has branched out into producing videos too. But not only that, they’ve started their own podcast too! A double whammy. The podcast is different in nature to the DLP, in that it’s just 10 minutes long, hence Tempo10. A great idea, I wonder who came up with it…

We discussed the perceived huge increase in the number of FM community members streaming on Twitch over the last couple of weeks. It seems to have just exploded! Just a few of those community members include FMU, Mark, RichonTwitch and DrBenjy.

If you’re a fan of any of the English clubs here or any of the Scottish clubs here, then get in touch with the relevant people via email and become your clubs researcher for the game!

Your community section round-up post special plug this week is for NathDavidLewis this week. He’s spotted that so many community members like to do some long-term planning, but he’s going full on short-termism. First up, he’s aiming to keep Sunderland in the Premier League.