The Deep Lying Podcast: Episodes 2-5 available now

Hands up who is rubbish at keeping a site up to date? Yep, the entire team behind the Deep Lying Podcast don’t have much of what would be described as a joined up media strategy – hence the slightly bare state of the website.

So, in a fit of laziness, here is a super quick round up of everything you may have missed so far:

Episode 2: Ed explains to George why net games work really well and dangerously hoists the idea of setting up a community wide game into the air.

Episode 3: Jonathon Aspey joins us as we tangle with the pronunciation of Mjallby and find out why he hates 4-4-2 so much.

Episode 4: Lee Scott, aka FM Analysis, joins us to talk about his FC Twente save and how he is conquering the Dutch league with a formation best described as unconventional.

Episode 5: Jonny Sharples, aka JonnyGabriel, scoops the footballing world with the announcement of Ivica Strok’s candidacy for Fifa presidency.

If you want to keep up to date with the podcast and not rely on us nincompoops to update the website, then it couldn’t be easier. To listen to the podcast directly and cut out us middlemen, head over to Soundcloud or iTunes to subscribe to the show and follow us on Twitter @TheDeepLyingPod.

Then everything will be gravy. Gravy I tell you!