Episode 12: The Hamoudi News

It’s episode 12 and we’re either back with a brand new bang or a band new track, depending on whether you listen to George or Ed. Our guest this week is Hamoudi, who joins us all the way from Dubai, thanks to the wonders of technology.

Hamoudi talks to us about how he got into playing Football Manager, and winning the Champions League with a team from Armenia after just 13 seasons.We also chat about the variables of FM 14, and the strange stories of heartbreak that make us love Football Manager so much.

Then we have a good old yak about the lowest rating we look for before subbing off a player. Ed is ruthless, George manages to get Maribor into his answer about four times, but still explains himself in a surprisingly lucid manner, and Hamoudi puts his faith in his players.

We also cover all of this stuff –

  • Hamoudi takes us through his Moneyball approach to winning in the UAE in FM15. Including using an ex-Southampton striker whose name might ring a bell, and missing out on a Champions League spot thanks to a dropping league co-efficient.
  • George reaches the end of the first season of his Slovenian career. Injuries play a big part in the run-in, and a lack of cutting edge leaves the title in doubt. He also gets angry about Maribor being gifted penalties and has a stern chat with the board.
  • Ed’s Bayer Leverkusen save is mainly a story of transfers and goal scorers. He also manages to lose a lot of his money, which isn’t ideal.
  • Hamoudi talks us through the Football Manager scene in Dubai, and how he’s converted his FIFA playing friends to the FM cause.

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