Episode 20: Ivica Strok’s Wonderful Time Travelling Machine

George takes over main hosting duties because Ed is a little bit sleepy. And second-time guest Jonny Sharples returns to tell us all about Ivica Strok’s new time-travelling abilities.

Strok is sending back a series of programs from his testimonial match. One of them’s going on show in the National Football Museum, and around a hundred are going on sale with proceeds going to CALM.

We get a bit more back story (forward story?) about Strok, and accuse an FM luminary of either being an evil genius or a Vampire.

And there’s a bunch more stuff too. Stuff like –

  • Life getting in the way of Ed’s save game, meaning he didn’t have a chance to actually play any FM this week. He gives a heartfelt apology.
  • George’s reign at PSG continues going along swimmingly. Well, apart from the fact that he’s got a fully fledged player revolt on his hand. It’s all because of a confused Thiago Silva. Not to worry though, he has an impressive plan for revenge.
  • Jonny is playing Championship Manager ’01/’02. He’s trying to figure out the best formation for what he considers the greatest team Newcastle have had in recent memory. He’s a few months in and it’s not all going brilliantly. He also gets misty eyed about arrows on the pitch. Sort of.
  • Then the trio discuss the teams they’re likely to play in FM16. And, shock horror, we’ve actually done some research about who we’d like to play as. Sort of. Jonny has a shocking revelation to make as well.

There’s loads more too. Loads of words spoken out loud about FM. And you can listen to it in the SoundCloud player below. Or heads to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.