Episode 21: Hernan Crespo is everywhere!

Ed is back in the hot seat this week, and we’re joined by Paul aka. It’s three weeks to go until the release of the FM16 beta and George is as excited as a kid at Christmas.

The community question this week is inspired by Brendan Rogers, and revolves around managerial sackings that have left us with regrets. Ed retells a catastrophe with Newcastle, Paul falls on his sword, George leaves QPR to fend for themselves and asks the Villa board for a bit more money.

Paul fills us in on his Chelmsford City save, winning the World Cup with Morocco, and how realism can sometimes make for a more interesting YouTube series.

Then we get deep into the process of running an FM YouTube channel. Apparently it’s quite a lot like running a TV station.

And then there’s all of this as well –

  • George blames baking events and Destiny for his lack of FM save updates, but promises his time on trains will make up for it next week.
  • Ed has sunk his teeth into Lyon, already three seasons in after less than a week. He talks us through his formation, a distinct lack of money, and PSG and Marseille bottling it. He’s not getting much money for it though.
  • Paul tells us he’s thinking up challenges for when FM16 lands. Then we have a chat about how the new draft mode is going to be an awful lot of fun.
  • Then we have a chat about how we’re going to try and make the most grotesque manager in FM16’s manager creation mode.
  • And George tells us about that time everyone in Argentina became Hernan Crespo.

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