Episode 22: We fell in love in France (Ligue 1 to be precise)

After a week break we’re back chatting about Football Manager with Luke. And for some reason George wants to instigate some kind of doomsday clock.

For the community question this week, with the beta just round the corner, we ask what you’re looking forward to in FM16. George is looking forward to¬†draft mode, Luke is looking forward to draft mode, and Ed is looking forward to Football Manager 16.

But the joy is tainted with a little bit of sadness as we discuss our FM15 saves coming to their inevitable ends. We never wanna give them up.

Aside from all the wistful melancholy though, you’ll get all this too –

  • George has abandoned intelligence for fun in his PSG save. After his Slovenian adventure he’s a little bit surprised by the budget he’s given after a league winning season. He’s also switched back to 2D.
  • Ed’s love affair with France is in full swing now as well. He’s into his fifth season with Lyon, is a bit angry with Juventus – or the Italian Chelsea – and is spending money all over the place.
  • Luke’s Stamford Strugglers save continues apace. He’s still working on getting a new stadium, but thanks to a quirk of the game he’s still got a bit of waiting to do. His transfer budget is, quite frankly, completely ludicrous.
  • And we’re still trying to figure out who we’re going to play and what we’re going to do when FM16 finally lands. George inspires Occasional FM to make a plan for Leeds and considers Valencia for himself.
  • Luke spells out his ideas for the new network features that are going to land in the new edition. George wonders about eSports.

You can listen to the whole podcast in the SoundCloud player below. Or if you’d prefer, head to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast to listen that way.