Episode 26: Enigmatic Tony Jameson, meet Angry Ed

Ed and George are joined by Tony Jameson, the man behind Football Manager Ruined My Life. He’s an enigmatic and handsome comedian, and it’s fair to say Ed and George don’t really know much about the comedy life.

Our question of the week is about the best signing you’ve made in FM16 so far. Tony dodges the question by not signing anyone and playing in the MLS. He’s looking for a League 2 clogger to turn into a superstar. Akinfenwa is on his radar.

George uses Leeds’ lack of coffers for his poor signings. Steven Hunt got in a strop and a flight of fancy makes the signing of a Spanish left back more entertaining.

Edward is still terrible at FM16, is bouncing around saves like a rabbit, but he thinks he might have settled at Villa and so he’s bought a beastly half back for 3.5 million.

And then there’s a lot of this sort of stuff too –

  • George reveals there’s no credits sequence for lasting ten games at Leeds, but that he’s put his CV in the post to Elland Road to see if his new contract might snag him the real job.
  • Tony talks us through his main save in the MLS. He chose the worst team – San Jose – and was a little surprised at how terrible they looked. But he’s rolling in mid-table solidity at the moment and his management style is pretty interesting.
  • Almost inevitably, George hasn’t picked up the game much since his last update. But he’s sold some players, and worked his transfer budget up from £600. He’s cautiously optimistic.
  • Ed gets a little self reflective about his own failings and ended up at Villa. He’s focusing on staff and tactics and trying to exploit the flanks. It’s going okay, sort of. He’ll be happy to get to January without crying.
  • Tony tells us about his stand up show, how a Blyth Spartans save got a few laughs, and the slightly circuitous way he got the show onto the stage.

Believe us though, there’s loads more in there as well. You can listen to it in the SoundCloud player below, or if you’d prefer pop along to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.