Episode 40: Squawking with Sharland

Ed and George get together¬†to celebrate the big 4-0. Yup, that’s right, we’ve reached the fortieth episode of The Deep Lying Podcast. And Ed still says “good evening.”

This week we’re joined by Pete Sharland who works for Squawka. He’s the Ball Control editor, which means he’s in charge of all the football gaming content on the site.

The question this week is about the underrated gems in FM. The players who’ve done a great job for you but might just have flown under the radar.

Pete’s got two, Will Bruin of the Houston Dynamo, and Ahmed Soukouna who helped him take Gillingham to the Europa League. Ed goes for Febian Brandy and everyone makes an “oooh” noise. He also likes a strength 18 bruiser from Udinese.

George has a plethora to pick from thanks to his aversion to playing as good teams. There’s Leon Andreasen and Nicolai Boileson to name just two.

Wait, you want more? Well how about all of this? –

  • Ed’s Stoke save continues apace. After his Champions League winning season he finished second behind Chelsea, and the year after that finally managed to bag the Premier League, winning by six points from Spurs (who drive him insane in real-life and on FM).
  • George is having fun with crosses. He’s started a new save with Sevilla. It’s only his second save in FM16, but he’s having a crack at playing strikerless.
  • Pete doesn’t really have a save going on at the moment. After three seasons with Rennes he’s lost interest, but he’s narrowed down his options for his next save. And he asks George and Ed for some help deciding where to go next.
  • Then we have a chat about Pete’s job. By the sounds of it he spends a lot of time playing Football Manager. He also mentions FIFA, but don’t hold that against him.

There’s also a whole bunch more going on, and you can check it all out in the SoundCloud player below. Or alternatively head to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.