Episode 41: Back on the FM Wagon

This week Ed and George are all on their own after a week off. But it’s good to be back on the FM Wagon and ready and raring to commit more of their lives than they should to digital eternal football managing glory.

This week’s question is about the purchases you’ve been inspired to make because of a Football Manager save. George answers the question in a roundabout fashion by talking about a Chilean wasting ten minutes of his time on the wing.

Ed’s answer is tempered a little by fear of his wife. But he did buy a Bayern Munich shirt in Venice because he was managing them in Championship Manager at the time. Even though the shirt was far too big for him.

And that’s one of the themes that runs through the community’s answers as well. The best one is probably a Preston shirt with Ibrahimovic on the back.

And on top of all of that there’s all of this as well –

  • George’s illness seems to have wiped his memory of what he was meant to be doing in his save, and he’s starting to feel guilty. He’s given up on it and he’s looking for ideas for where his next save should take him.
  • Ed gives George a stern talking to about how he should probably play a bit more FM, since he runs an FM podcast. George makes a plea to the community.
  • Ed’s Stoke save is getting a little bit silly now, but he’s having an awful lot of fun. Hotel stays have given him the chance to take them closer to the pantheon of English greats with back-to-back Premier League wins.
  • We also talk about how far you can go with a tactical team when you start coming up against teams who just have better players. And how multiplayer offers a different FM experience.
  • Then there’s some interesting news about The Deep Lying Podcast becoming an official FM fan site.

There’s a lot more too, and you can listen to it all in the SoundCloud player below. Or if you’d prefer head to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.