Episode 51: Roughley Speaking

Ed is having a lovely time off on holiday, and George definitely isn’t upset about it. He’s joined by Richard Roughley though, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

Richard has been playing FM for 9 years and has been writing on The Deep Lying Podcast site for a while now. Which is good because George and Ed keep forgetting to.

This week the question is all about the Championship. Well, it’s inspired by it – which domestic league do you have the most fun with?

Richard agrees that the Championship is a lot of fun. And the second Bundesliga. They might not have the glory, but they do have a lot more barnstorming. Whatever that means.

George agrees as well. He had hundreds of wingers at Nurumberg and nothing else, but that all added to the challenge. And the fun. Then we talk about how cup runs can be a little distracting. George is also still in love with the top league in Portugal.

Then there’s all of this super interesting word stuff as well –

  • Richard talks us through his full fat save with Bochum, continuing the thread of second Bundesliga that’s flowing through the whole podcast. He’s got them promoted though, and he might keep them in the top league too.
  • He’s also been scouting in West Africa for regens. Or newgens. And he’s found some impressive players to add to his squad.
  • George hasn’t really advanced much with Benfica, but he’s taking it slow. He’s dissecting every area of his team and thinking about how he can make them even more dominant in the national league. It’s all about experimenting for Mr Osborn.
  • Then we have a talk about shifting tactics during a game, and how we shift our formations when we’re playing at different levels. George tells his teams to be more expressive.

You can listen to the whole thing in the SoundCloud player below, or if you want head over to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.