Episode 53: Pat Butcher, Stoke Legend

This week George makes a heartfelt apology to the Welsh for getting a bit out of hand on Twitter. Ed laughs in the background and probably tuts a bit.

We don’t have a guest this week, probably because everyone’s busy drinking beer and watching the Euros. But that’s okay, we rarely let these things slow us down.

The question of the week is designed to cheer us up – what’s the stupidest name of a regen you’ve ever seen in your FM career?

George has never seen any, which is a good start. Ed talks about the South African keeper he signed called Banjo Banjo. Who may or may not have been good at the banjo.

Then George reads the list we received from the community. We’re not going to type them all out here, because it’s much funnier hearing them read out in George’s dulcet tones. Win Win is a good one though.

Then there’s all of this going on as well –

  • George has actually managed to catch up with his save after last week’s crash. This time around he didn’t win four nil against Porto. He didn’t win at all, in fact.
  • But elsewhere things are going pretty darn well. An excellent victory against Manchester United in the Champions League is the icing on the cake.
  • Ed and Stoke are still going great guns. Thanks in part to Ed’s desire to get a new stadium. Although he only won five trophies last season which is a bit of a disappointment.
  • Ed’s anger at a digital Jose Mourinho finally boils over into something close to madness.
  • Then we have a chat about the best ways to set up and tweak your system to succeed.

There’s loads more great stuff too, so why not listen to all of it in the SoundCloud player below. Or if you’d prefer head to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.