Episode 56: The FM/Life Balance

This week Ed and George are joined by Mathias, and everyone’s not too shabby. Mathias joins from sunny Colorado, and they have a little discussion about some real life football.

The question of the week this week revolves around Euro 2016. Now the tournament’s coming to an end, we want to know which player’s abilities should be upgraded and downgraded because of their performance in the tournament.

Mathias suggests stripping back Ozil’s penalty taking stats. In fact, he’s all about downgrading Germans. Ed, a massively biased Arsenal fan, thinks Aaron Ramsey deserves a bump up. He also thinks Simone Zaza’s penalty skill should be dropped to one.

George thinks the Albanians all need a boost, along with the Icelandic team. And he thinks that both French fullbacks need to have their stats chopped off. Then he describes Renato Sanches as an “imperious tank.”

And then there’s all of this good stuff as well –

  • We talk about filling the gap left by the Euros with the MSL. And scheduling conflicts. Then Mathias talks us through the three saves that he’s got on the go.
  • Ed explains that him and George haven’t really done all that much. George chimes in by claiming he’s done “diddly squit.” He also sort of blames a charity run for his lack of play time. Wow.
  • Ed fills us in on where the project he mentioned last week is. He has done some of the FM Versus series to pit his Stoke team against some real people. Then he does a sneeze. Or he doesn’t.
  • And then we all have a big old chat about how to keep saves interesting. And since we’re all a bit different we come up with some pretty different answers.

There’s an awful lot more going on as well, and you can listen to it all in the SoundCloud player below. Or if that’s not up your alley head to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.