Episode 57: Stopping The Slumps

This week George takes over from Ed on hosting duties because Ed is in London. Well, he might be in London, we’re not really sure. But that’s okay because we’ve got Chris Darwen, who takes it upon himself to annoy all the listeners in the first ten seconds.

The question of the week is about having a really terrible session in Football Manager. We ask what the single worst thing to happen in an FM session has been.

Chris tells us about a couple. First he talks about losing your best player just when you’re about to get your team sorted. And then he talks about moving jobs and regretting it within ten minutes.

George looks at it from the flip side, and regrets not taking the Barcelona job over the summer. In the game, obviously. Chris gets superstitious about stepping away from the game after three defeats in a row. We also discover that our community is full of pretty funny misery.

And then we’ve got all of this as well –

  • Chris talks about his save in Japan, and how he’s built a club up from the very beginning because the database he used was empty. He’s into 2020, and after falling out with the bosses at Yokohoma he’s made a switch.
  • Then we have a chat about managing in a league that’s mainly full of average players, but with a few hidden gems.
  • George’s time with Benfica this week started with an excellent win against Porto. And then it sort of descended into a Shakespearean tragedy. Nonsensical fouls, European mishaps, dithering in the league and a player revolt.
  • After that we have a chat about how to get out of these slumps. Is it all about walking away from the game and having a think about what’s going wrong?
  • And on top of all of that wonderful chat, there’s a whole load more just as wonderful chat. You can listen to it all in the SoundCloud player below, or if you’d prefer head to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.