Episode 59: Preseason Preparations

In this week’s podcast George returns and is super cruel to Ed with his first sentence. We think that you call that business as usual.

This week we’re joined by Luke from StatisticalApp, who can’t remember the last time he was on the show. That’s how memorable a stint in the Deep Lying Podcast hotseat is.

The question of the week was twanged out by Ed, and it revolves around what you do in the preseason of your FM saves.

Luke likes to make sure all of his transfers are pretty much sorted in the season before, so it’s just about signing on the dotted line. And he has a habit of sorting out the shirt numbers of his team just before the first ball is kicked in anger.

Ed on the other hand doesn’t really care about things like that. George gets lost, also just auto-numbers his squad, and likes to spend his pre-season figuring out who he wants to buy. He also upgrades his staff and figures out what his tactics should be.

Ed focuses on his loan player during preseason, having already sorted out his transfers way before the end of last year. He’s pretty darn organised that one. He also suggests retribution if we’re not reading out your answers.

And if you want more than that, how about all of this? –

  • Luke walks us through the Inter save he’s working on at the moment. He was inspired to manage in Italy after reading a book by John Foot.
  • Ed’s save at Torino has taken a bit of turn for the worse. It’s either sad or frustrating, depending on who you ask. His experiments with the 3-5-2 formation just aren’t working out the way he wants.
  • George is three games away from the end of his second season with Benfica. And he’s been on one of the best runs of his entire FM16 career.
  • Then we have a more in-depth chat about Luke’s tactics in his current save, and where he found his inspiration for his formations.

There’s lots more as well, like there always is. You can check it all out in the SoundCloud player below or, if you’d prefer, head over to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.