Episode 60: Money Talks

This week George takes on hosting duties because Ed has spontaneously combusted. Don’t worry though, he’ll be re-congealed for next week.

But George is joined by Mark Bowen. Who’s had a lovely day full of work joys. He’s a relative newcomer to the FM community, but we all love some new blood.

The football season has started, so this week’s question is all about what team we’re going to take over in the FM17 beta. Mark hasn’t actually thought about it, but spur of the moment he’s thinking about Dortmund and Napoli.

George is also looking at Napoli and Dortmund, but he thinks instead he’s going to inflict a Leeds United save on himself, because he loves the horror. He also has a soft spot for Luton, so he might have a crack at them.

Then we have a chat about how we use the beta. Mark has never played a beta, so he’s really excited to be jumping on one for the very first time. And George talks about using FM to avoid talking to people on Christmas Day.

And then we’ve got all of this excellent FM content too –

  • Mark talks us through his FSV Mainz save. He’s up to 2021, having started with Dusseldorf in the second division, where he won the league with a strikerless system. He used his own strategy which started off well, then ended very badly.
  • But that was okay because he was only unemployed for a month before getting a new job at Mainz. And he’s got some interesting signings lined up for his second season in charge.
  • Then we have a chat about a lack of finishing skills, which ties in nicely to George’s Benfica save. He’s winning games, but his team seemed to have an aversion to scoring goals. So he went out about bought Milik.
  • And we have a chinwag about how we play the transfer market. Are we always on the lookout for bargains or do we do things on a team by team basis? Is it really all about money?
  • Mark talks us through his strategy for finding the best players, and it’s a pretty interesting formula. Even though sometimes he just has to make do.

There’s loads more great stuff to. You can listen in the Soundcloud player below or, if you’d prefer, head over to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.