Episode 63: United (Rantcast) We Stand

In the first of two (yup, that’s right, count ’em) episodes this week we start off by clearing tea-gate. Ed does like tea, he just doesn’t like crap tea. And we’re joined by Paul from the United Rantcast. Who we offer a pie.

He also has a friend called Ed who he hosts a podcast with. And he makes weird stuff with puppets. The question of the week revolves around your FM rivalries, all to tie in with the Manchester derby.

Ed has a couple. He had a rivalry with Chelsea during his Stoke save that saw him winning every game against them for eight seasons. He also found that Bournemouth was his bogey team. And then got in trouble against Derby. Who might have had 25 outfield players.

Paul had a rivalry between his Manchester United team and Newcastle. In Championship Manager ’97. And he bought Alan Shearer for the red devils as well. As if to just rub it in.

George also had a rivalry with a Manchester United team. Except his was against Southampton. But his main rivalry was, almost inevitably, Maribor. As he calls them “the Slovenian horrible people.” He then goes off on one for a long time about how Maribor are the worst.

And then there’s all of this good stuff –

  • Paul talks about a Dagenham and Redbridge save from 2005 with two brothers firing him to Champions League glory. Ed gets a bit confused. George makes a horrid pun and laments Ed’s lack of knowledge about the Tobins.
  • Paul then makes a plea to the community to find a player whose name he’s forgotten. That’s been bugging him for a decade. The information he gives doesn’t really help though.
  • Ed has started an FM Touch save with Dortmund. He’s still having troubles with his tactics, has a dig at Paul, and waxes lyrical about Christian Pulisic.
  • George walks us through the current state of his Benfica save. Last week things were going well. This week, not so much. The wheels have come off. And all the players are starting to hate George. It’s the usual story.
  • Then Paul talks us through some of the details of his current Manchester United saves, how he’s driven to win by the fans, and whether the little cheese wheels regarding suitability actually matter.

There’s loads more too, and you can check it all in out in the Soundcloud player below. Or if you’d prefer, head over to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.