Episode 64: It’s Another Tactics Special

This time round we’re back with another special podcast focusing on the tactics we use in our FM saves. Well, George isn’t, he’s off gallivanting who knows where like some sort of gallivanting crazy.

Instead Shrewnaldo and Lee (FM Analysis) jump into the fray with their sexy Scottish accents. And it all gets a little bit late night, X rated, whispering into the microphone.

As this is a tactics podcast, the structure is a bit all over the place, but to give you a basic idea of what we’re going to ramble on about, here’s a bit of a breakdown.

We start off by looking at how we all set up when you know you’re going to come up against a defensive block. Essentially if your opponent is going to park the bus, what can you do to counteract that?

Apparently it’s all about creating space and making sure that you’ve got some width. We also talk about PPMs (player preferred moves) and how we use them. And whether or not they’re actually that much use. Ed gets a bit upset, and we wonder if some of them even make sense.

Should overhead kicks be PPMs? Should Ozil have one that lets him find space? And should you just listen to your backroom staff all the time or just when what they’re saying makes sense?

Then we take a look at the combinations of roles to use when you’re playing an attacking midfielder and a striker. And how it’s about balancing all of the roles around the two players as well. Ed talks a lot about triangles.

He then perfects the art of the segue at last and we move on to the last topic of the podcast, analysing your tactics to make sure you’re getting the most out of your team.

There’s a lot more going on as well, and you can listen to it all in the Soundcloud player below. Or if you’d prefer head over to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.