Episode 65: A Second Yellow Card Means FM17 Sees Red

This week we mix things up. Well, sort of. George is off gallivanting again. But Chris Darwin takes over co-hosting duties, because he’s good like that. And Matt from Second Yellow Card joins us as well. It’s all good.

This week’s question was inspired by Leicester’s first Champions League victory. So we wanted to know what your most unlikely success story in an FM save was. Whether it was you or another team you’ve watched get the glory.

Matt talks about watching Ilkeston work their way up into the Championship. We discuss how none of us know where Ilkeston is, and their incredible journey from the bottom of the ladder to almost the top. Which Matt had nothing to do with.

Then Chris throws us a couple. His first ever save on Champion Manager saw a place you’ve never heard of near Liverpool sitting second in the top flight. And then he’s coy about his current save because he wants to talk about it later.

Ed mainly talks about getting fired. And then about how Venezia won the Champions League in about 2022. They mainly did it with Italian regens and up and coming San Marino players.

And then there’s all of this amazing content as well:

Ed blames George for his man flu and the lack of segues. Then talks about how he hasn’t been playing that much FM16 because he’s stuck in “waiting for FM17” mode. He did try and replicate Bayern Munich’s current system, and managed to score 32 goals in five games. Then he lost to Genk in the Champions League and gave up.

Matt hasn’t been playing much either. He’s a bit burnt out on FM 16 and hasn’t touched the game for about a month. That’s despite a save where he went around the leagues of Europe to see if he could keep obscure teams from relegation.

Chris on the other hand is super stuck into a save. He’s managing in Romania at the moment, trying to rebuild Uni Cluj. There’s a lot of heartbreak and a lot of success. And it’s well worth a listen.

And then we manage to segue into a section about FM17, just about. We talk about coming to FM for the first time and how much of a shock it must be. And decide it must be a very big shock.

There’s loads more as well and you can check it all out in the Soundcloud player below. Or if you’d prefer, head over to the iTunes store and search for Deep Lying Podcast.