Episode 66: Il Mediano Meditates On Life (But Mostly On Fm)

George takes over the reins this week because Ed has set fire to his recording equipment. Or he’s moving house. Or both. Whatever has happened Ed isn’t here.

But that’s okay because George is joined by Nathan from Il Mediano FM. Basically you’re not going to miss Ed at all, because this podcast is full of awesome things.

This week’s question is all about your shortest stint in charge of an FM team before you got sacked. It’s in “celebration” of Big Sam’s little reign as the England manager.

Nathan isn’t ashamed to admit he just quits when things are going bad. But he does remember an FM11 save with Schalke that only lasted seven Bundesliga games. And it made him hate FM11 so much he stopped playing.

George remembers getting knocked out of the World Cup with Algeria in FM10. Even though he’s pretty sure that he did well. Then Nathan tells a sad story about a 5-1 drubbing by Bayern Munich that made him realise he probably wasn’t going to stick around at Schalke for very long.

The highlight of the community answers involves a net save that ended with everyone sacked before Christmas in the first season.

And then there’s all of this good stuff as well:

  • Nathan talks about his Napoli save, which is taking him quite a long time. Partly because he smashed his laptop. But things are going pretty well. Treble in the second season levels of pretty well.
  • And then we go deep about how Nathan managed to unseat Juve at the top of Serie A where so many others have failed before. It included a thrilling ten-man victory against them. Proper thrilling.
  • George then talks about the culmination of his Benfica save. Which basically involved quitting because he couldn’t manage to win a European trophy. So he went and took over at Werder Bremen instead. Who are bottom of the table with eight games left.
  • Then we have a chat about Nathan’s time in the FM community as well as having a discussion about a couple of new developments in FM17.

There’s loads more as well and you can check it all out in the Soundcloud player below. Or if you’d prefer head over to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.