The Deep Lying Patreon: Why we’re running one and how you can help support it

The Deep Lying Podcast is about to turn two years old. Since we recorded our first episode way back in April 2015, we’ve managed to produce over 90 episodes crammed with FM chatter and some top guests from the FM Community and the wider football world.

But there’s so much more we want to do with the podcast. We want to record different types of podcasts – like phone ins, documentaries and other exclusive behind the scenes interviews – as well as have a bit more time to organise events or set up a Youtube channel.

That’s why we’ve decided – Ed and George together – to set up a Patreon. Now, I know what you’re thinking: an FM Patreon? We’ve seen those before. And you’re right, plenty of people have put them up before with varying levels of success.

But we think a Patreon is perfect for the Deep Lying Podcast for three reasons.

First, if we hit our targets, it allows us to keep the weekly podcast going completely free of adverts. This means that we don’t need to worry about finding money down the back of the sofa to pay our running costs or rely on a business to bail us out in the future.

Second, we think Patreon works really well for us because we can offer you what is essentially a subscription service. The three backer tiers that we’ve created will get you different perks and benefits, but the long and short of it is we will be providing at least an extra podcast, two newsletters and a games night every month when we hit target. By doing so, we hope you’ll feel as if backing us is worth it for you personally.

Third, and most importantly, a Patreon means the show is paid for by our fans rather than anyone else. This means we can double down on supporting the community in the show and start supporting people like FM Samo – who helps keep the community ticking over – and FM Pressure – who helps us to produce the podcast. Helping the broader FM Community is a big part of why we do the show and we’d love it if our Patreon could share the love around too.

So what happens now is simple:

  • The Patreon page is open for subscriptions here. We’ve put as much detail as possible onto the page regarding how it all works, what you get for your money and how to sign up, so hopefully it’s all straight forward. But just in case it isn’t, the main thing is that the moment we hit $30 a month then we’ll get started on backer rewards.
  • Once we hit our first goal, we’ll then begin to email our Patrons with details of their rewards and how/when they will be arriving in your inboxes. In particular, we’ll be giving you details of when we expect to release the Patreon bonus podcast each month, when the newsletter will start hitting inboxes and (for top backers) when to expect game nights.
  • As we expand and (hopefully) get more support for the podcast, we’ll keep you regularly updated with how things are going and work out how we can reinvest our returns back into the community.
  • Oh and one last thing. Just to make it crystal clear, the main podcast will always be free for everyone to listen to on a Friday morning. Patreon subscribers will get exclusive extras in return for their backing, but the main DLP will always be available to everyone without charge. So no need to worry about that at all.

That’s it for now. We’ve massively enjoyed running the podcast over the past two years, but we really want to take it to the next level. So please consider backing us on Patreon to help us make the DLP go larger than it ever has before.

P.S. If you want to hear more about it, then listen to the latest episode of the podcast below.