From the Archives: Episode 17, FM16 is announced!

Yet another trip into the history of the DLP.

In Episode 17, chosen by @TedRedGaming, we go back to Episode 17 where in a special edition of the show, the guys picked through the Football Manager 2016 announcement and discussed near enough everything they could about it.

From the Archives: Episode 69, No Laughing at the Back

In the 69th episode of the podcast, Ed and George are joined by Matt Neil, Lead First Team Analyst at Plymouth Argyle.

Aside from making 69 jokes, the boys talk about FM17 saves so far and get the details from Matt about applying FM principles to real life to football (and why you probably shouldn’t).

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From the Archives: Episode 63, United (Rantcast) We Stand

Every day for the next, er, 128+ days we are going to bring you one of the podcasts from the archives – yes, the good old days where you had the original presenters.

Paul from the United Rantcast joined Ed and George for a veritable amble through the world of Football Manager.

They talked top rivalries, save updates, Manchester United tactics and all the usual community stuff. But they also talked about the Tobin brothers, Iain Macintosh’s personality and about the benefits of having a dishwasher. As you do.

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The Deep Lying Podcast Episode 128: Dropping the(foot)ball on international week

In this week’s “not quite as good as it should have been” DLP, Chris tries to save face and still put together an international themed podcast.

If we are honest, it might have been better not to bother.

Anyway, what will you get if you give it a listen?

The Grass in GrassNGear is back with another FM Tip of the Week.

We have LOADS of questions of the week.

@LongBallFoot is back with a community roundup.

Other than that, trust us when we say the original recording was top notch.

Tartan Takeover

Imagine the scene. You’ve witnessed a club at the peak of its power, dominating European football and winning the European Cup back-to-back. People would have told you it must’ve been a dream because only five years previous the club in question had been dwindling in the Second Division of its domestic footballing pyramid. This sounds like something that could only happen in Football Manager, right? Well in fact this is the story of one man’s achievements that will forever be the challenge myself and many Football Managers will try to replicate. The amazing triumphs of Mr. Brian Clough and his Nottingham Forest team of the 1970s and 80s.

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How The European Game can Inspire your FM Save

Us Football Manager fanatics are an easily influenced bunch. Almost anything can inspire us to take over and start a new save with a team. It might be an individual player we like, the history of a team or their lack of success in recent years. Heck, even the colour of their kits or what the club badge looks like might persuade us to go them in the game. The thing that makes me want to start a new save the most is reading, and as I mentioned on episode 109 of the podcast, over the last couple of weeks I’ve been reading Dan Fieldsend’s brilliant book, The European Game.

In the book, Dan charts his journey, by train, through Europe and gives us a brilliant in-depth insider account of some of the top clubs in European football. By default, most of the time when I read anything around the non-FM world of football, my FM brain goes into overdrive with ideas. In this piece I’m going to run through a few of the chapters from the book, and how you can relate them to your potential new FM saves in the coming months.

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RBL 2031/32 – Part 1 of 2 – A Season To Remember

It’s the morning after the night before. I woke up today with a renewed vigour, like the veil had been lifted on my life and all was now clear before me.

I’d imagine that the majority of you reading this will by now have heard the news of what happened on that fateful night the 29th May 2032 at the San Siro. When two juggernauts collide there can only ever be one winner and lo’, how many times I have fallen at that final hurdle to be pummeled by those I despise and humiliated by condescending bastards. Yet no longer…

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