Episode 24: Everything essential with FM Central

Ed is away this week, so George goes solo. Well, not quite solo, because he’s joined by Paul from FM Central. It’s essentially the FM version of crossing the content streams.

Paul gives us his impressions about his first week with the beta, and tells us about his favourite new features in FM16. He’s particularly enamoured with the new Prozone.

George can’t actually give any opinions because he’s reviewing the game, but the community are more than capable of picking up the slack. And by the sounds of it you’re all enjoying a wide variety of the features that FM16 has added.

Then there’s all of this as well –

  • Paul talks us through his Montrose FM16 save. It was suggested to him by the Whizzkids, and he’s working on developing some stars for the future.
  • He’s also got another save going on his YouTube channel. He’s abandoned Real Madrid after one season in charge and is trying to lead England to the World Cup in 2018.
  • George has given up on PSG in FM15, and has been looking to take over an awful side with no potential in FM16. So he’s inevitably gone for Leeds. He’s using the same system he did at PSG though, and he’s been offered a new contract as well.
  • Paul then gives us the background on FM Central, and how he became part of the Football Manager community. He’s also blurring the line between real and digital life with FC United of Manchester.

You can listen to that and much, much more in the SoundCloud player below. Or if you’d prefer wander off to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.