Episode 36: Good Evening, Everyone

Ed and George discuss the time-based freedom that listeners of the podcast have. And they’re joined by Paul from FMCentral.

George runs out of ideas for the question of the week, but the community comes in and saves him. With the closing of the transfer window, which players need a change in their stats with the new update?

Ed grinds his teeth and plumps for Dele Alli. And then tries to big up Arsenal. Paul gets annoyed because Ed steals his ideas, but then goes for demoting Falcao and promoting Suarez.

George basically agrees. But then decides that every Aston Villa player should be knocked down, and Stoke’s Arnoutovic deserves a boost.

Then we’ve got all of this gold for you as well –

  • Paul fills us in on his FM16 save. He’s mid-table in League One with FC United of Manchester coming in to the end of his tenth season. It’s all about youth for him.
  • George shocks us all by revealing he’s still on his first save. After jumping ship from Oldham to Ireland, he’s been in an awful lot of pain. In-game pain, not real pain. A tragic defeat to Slovenia leads him to the play off finals for Euro 2020.
  • Ed had to have a talk with his wife about his obsession with Torino (she’s not a fan). But he’s six games into his second season and he’s cracking on with a reasonably kind Champions League group.
  • Then we have a bit of a vent about SI’s slightly less than excellent communication with the Football Manager community.

There’s all of that and more, and you can check it out in the SoundCloud player below. Or if you’d prefer head to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.