Episode 102 – Community Section Round-up

The Deep Lying Podcast train is rolling on, and episode 102 features the unique talent that is Jonny Sharples. He’s unique in a couple of ways. Firstly, he’s still playing FM13. And secondly, he’s managed perhaps the most famous Football Manager newgen of all time, Ivica Strok. Have a listen to get the lowdown on Strok, and the guys delve into the world of 2058.

Here come your community picks from episode 102 if you want to have a look at them.

Jonny had a couple of suggestions for you to check out. One of them being BenDPB’s Ben Meets series, which Jonny recently appeared on. So help yourself to a double dose of Jonny Sharples. The other was for DoctorBenjy, who we gave a shout out to last week too, for his new SPAL save on YouTube.

JustM1kePlays has just made his blogging debut as he takes over at Robert Lewandowski’s first ever club in Poland, Znicz Pruszków. Try saying that out loud on a podcast.

The Northman – Paul fancied heading off to the quiet life on the island of Guernsey. It’s not all plain sailing down at that level, as one of his players has just left to go off travelling the world for a few months. No, seriously!

A cracking piece from fmfutbolmanager for the proper extra FM nerds. He takes us through the custom filters he has set up for scouting players. You’ve seriously got to give this a read, and if you aren’t already doing something similar in your save, set it up!

CulturedLeftFoot has taken George’s previous arch rivals, Maribor, to the Europa League final in his YouTube series with them. Can he do the unthinkable and win it?

Pointed out to us by good friend of the pod, ZeGermanFM, there’s a new Liverpool FM series starting on the thisisanfield website. They’re going to be playing a season and getting all sorts of input on signings, tactics and decisions from their readers and fans. This looks like it could be a good one to follow along with.

rossbell1984 is back in his aim to be an FM mercenary. He’s aiming to make himself as much money as possible, and he’s jumped ship from Leicester to Spurs to earn himself a bumper wage rise.