Episode 95 – Community Section Round-up

Episode 95 of the Deep Lying Podcast has been and gone, and if you haven’t listened yet, what are you waiting for? It featured Greg Johnson from Squawka who was on hand to answer some of your and George’s questions, with Ed absent due to being in a minor traffic accident (#PrayforEd #he’sfine #youdon’tneedtopray).

The community section delivered some absolute treats for you to read and watch again, and if you want another reminder of those recommendations, you’ve come to the right place.

First up was Tom, or as he’s more well known, VivalaVidaFM. His globetrotting journeyman save has taken him all over the world, but he’s now landed in Spain at Celta Vigo. After a promising start, it looks like things aren’t going quite as smoothly lately. Here he previews the new season, 2032/33, and there’s been another post from that season already, so a couple of things to catch up on. He also does a couple of other mini-series on the blog, with a recent one charting the progress of some of the most promising youth players at clubs with famous youth academies. Would definitely recommend to check that out too.

It’s time for the obligatory weekly mention of something from the Higher Tempo Press! This week it’s from RegistaFM, who’s joined the ranks for something very special. He’s put together a squad of #FMSlackers, created a new club and entered it into the English league system. Introducing Slack FC! He gives you a run down of who’s in the squad, and will be charting our progression. Will we all jump ship? Or will we steer Slack FC up the leagues?

Next up was someone who really shouldn’t need much introduction if you’re a keen follower of the FM community. GoldenFM used one of the newest FM features, create a club mode, on his YouTube series to bring you Regen Rovers. They are pretty much exactly what they say on the tin, a team made up of solely regens. He’s been slogging away in the English lower leagues for over 100 episodes, but finally, he’s reached the promised land. The Premier League.

Armchair_Gaffer is usually found taking clubs up to the Premier League from the Championship, but this time, he’s returned home to Italy and has been doing wonders at Crotone. He’s taken them to Serie A, and there might have been some European success thrown in there too. Have a read and catch up if you haven’t been following along.

You like experiments on FM? You like goals, goals and more goals? Well look no further. Sonnorcteer has set every manager’s favoured formation to 2-3-5 and let them all run wild. He gives us a run down of what happens across the Premier League and on the continent. If you didn’t already guess, spoiler, there’s goals.

We’ve mentioned this before, but every once in a while, community members like to take a break. Stick their feet up for a bit and recharge those batteries. It’s always good to see them return, and with that anecdote out of the way, DerFM is back! He’s flying over to Argentina in his new YouTube series with Rosario. It’s always good to get into a YouTube series from the beginning, so make sure you follow along with this one.

Those were all the suggestions I made for the community section this week, but wait, George had one too! A week on the podcast doesn’t go by without a good nod to Brexit these days, and George flagged Tom Mason’s Brexit Bournemouth save as something he’s particularly enjoying reading at the moment. Say what you want, but SI’s inclusion of Brexit in-game has certainly given the community plenty of inspiration to produce save ideas around it!

It’s written round-up exclusive time! Sound the klaxon! It still counts if it’s from me, right? I wrote about the tactic that won me the Bundesliga for the first time with RBL. It also won me the DFB-Pokal, twice, and the Austrian Bundesliga and OFB-Cup! Really chuffed with it as I’m not the best tactician in the community, by any stretch. If you end up downloading it, let me know how you get on!

As usual, a few reminders to finish off:

  • If you’re a big fan of the podcast and want to contribute a little something towards it, you can by heading to the DLP Patreon page. The guys hosted their first Sugar Daddy backer games night last week which I’m sure they’ll have a good old natter about on this week’s podcast.
  • If you’ve heard the word Slack mentioned on the pod over the last couple of months, it’s not been slagging one of FM’s player personalities. It’s #FMSlack and over 780 have chosen to join it so far. There’s always some cracking discussions going on in there about the game we all love.