Episode 18: Getting down with the FM Whizzkids

Ed’s throat has sealed up, so George takes over the host role on his own. This time he’s joined by James Beedie of FM Whizzkids.

After last week’s announcement, the listener question this week is all about the first team you’re going to play in FM16. James goes Greek, while George looks to the lower leagues to try and find a team that’s too good for the level it’s in.

Then James tells a little story about his love for Red Bull Leipzig, and a tragedy that spoiled his three seasons in charge. Then we get to hear a bit about the teams that you, our lovely listeners, want to play as.

And if that wasn’t enough, well how about all of this as well –

  • James tells us about how he just can’t get to grips with Newcastle after an epic 12 season save in an earlier edition. George mentions Leeds and groans.
  • The duo discuss how they feel about the first season, and why it can sometimes be the worst way to start a game. George complains about unreasonable digital bosses.
  • George has given up serious saves and has taken over PSG. It might not be the most competitive side, but he’s having a lot of fun thrashing everyone.
  • Then James talks us through his plans for the upcoming FM16, involving sorting out a database as soon as the editor lands, and spreading the word about Whizzkids.
  • And in an exclusive, James reveals the team he’s going to recreate the first time he gets a go on FM16.

There’s a lot more too, so why not give it a listen in the SoundCloud below. Or if you’d prefer head to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.