Episode 19: Memphis, He’ll Hammer Ya

This episode Ed and George get a bit mellow on a Friday night. There’s no guest, but that doesn’t stop us from asking hard hitting questions and getting hard hitting answers. From each other.

We start off with a look at some of the new updates we’ve learned about for FM16, including suggested substitutes, updated stats for the season review, the improved handling of players via AI, and how some of the screenshots we’ve seen have left us feeling ever so slightly cold.

This week’s question is all about the players you’ve seen play explosive goal-scoring matches in one of your Football Manager saves. Ed talks about Memphis Depay taking his team to pieces, while George laments a demolition of his Wolves team in FM14.

Then we find out about your goal scoring exploits. A lot of which seem to involve Ajax for some reason.

Then there’s all of this as well –

  • George kicks on with is PSG save, tells off his players for not being able to defend against set pieces, and sings the praises of everyone’s favourite egotistical Swede.
  • He also gets his first taste of Champions League football in FM15. Inevitably he comes up against his old enemies Maribor, and is relishing the challenge. It’s all about fun on this one.
  • Ed’s dog Archie interrupts, and then a takeaway turns up. Proper professionalism on show as usual.
  • His save (Ed’s not Archie’s) is all about fun as well. We’re both playing on easy mode essentially to fill in the time between the release of FM16. Then he decides to throw caution to the wind and take over at Bournemouth.
  • George remembers the important part of the game – fun. He’s all about the big bucks, the big kicks, and spend spend spend.

There’s a lot more in there too, and you can listen to it all in the SoundCloud player below. Or if you’d prefer head over to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.