Episode 28: Going mobile with FMHVibe

George takes the hosting reins this week, and Ed might turn but it’s his last day at work and he could be boozing it up in Swindon.

George is joined by Dec from FMHVibe to talk about Football Manager Mobile, and what it’s like working in the hallowed halls of Sports Interactive.

The question of the week is about the clubs you’ve never gotten round to managing. Obviously there’s loads, but we’re talking about the ones we’ve avoided for a reason.

Dec goes for Arsenal, partly for stylistic reasons and partly because he really doesn’t like Arsenal. George admits that in his 13 year career he’s never taken over the reins at Bayern Munich.

And then there’s all of this good stuff as well –

  • George’s Leeds team are in the top half of the table after a Christmas funk, but a new formation has picked his team up. Injuries might foil his plans, and the January transfer window could be key.
  • Dec reveals he’s never played Championship Manager, and that his FM career started off on a slightly strange console. Could it be nostalgia that keeps him playing the mobile versions?
  • Then we talk about the changes that have been made in the latest mobile version of the game, including coaches and the cross save between FM Touch.
  • And he talks about the understandable gripes that PC players have with the more casual version that you can fit in your pocket.¬†Then we discuss the mobile games that might have the chance to topple SI from the top of its mobile perch.
  • The Dec tells us about the time he spent on work placement at SI. Everyone is very nice there, and everyone is incredibly passionate about FM, which is good to hear.

There’s more going on as well, and you can catch it all in the SoundCloud player below. Or hop off to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.