Episode 32: Cheering up Ed with the Football Fancast

It’s the first podcast of 2016, and once again Ed isn’t around. But that’s okay because we’ve got James Jones from the Football Fancast to join us. Well, to join George.

This week’s question is designed to cheer Ed up – we asked what your best tip to get Ed out of his FM16 rut would be. James talks about his own rut, which involved giving the game up entirely over the Christmas period. The West Ham job can be a cruel mistress.

But his suggestion to Ed is to try and become a legend managing a team that interests him in the real world. Although unfortunately he’s slightly tactically inept tinker man.

George feels guilty because he’s having one of the best saves in his career while Ed is in the doldrums. But he suggests trying to keep things simple.

The community has other ideas though, like jumping into one of the big boys of the footballing world and spending the ridiculous budget. Retail therapy, if you will.

And then there’s all of this as well –

  • James talks us through the future of his saves. He might head back to Barnet, partly to keep his fiancee happy with his FM decisions. George does the same with Luton Town.
  • Osborn’s Oldham Odyssey continues. Back to back promotions have lead him back to the Premier League, despite having the lowest wage bill in the Championship. He can’t really understand how all of this has happened.
  • Then we chat to James about the Football Fancast, banter and why fan’s opinions are his bread and butter. George gets a bit giddy about gifs.
  • We also start to ponder how the digital world is bleeding through into the real world and what James thinks about all of that. And how he simulated Slaven Bilic’s time at West Ham.

There’s loads more as well, and you can listen to it all on SoundCloud by clicking here. Or if you’d prefer head over to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.