Episode 33: #WeAreTheCommunity

This week Ed and George are joined by Chris Darwin. Ed returns from his slump with a desire to keep everything super positive.

The question of the week is all about superstitions. We dig into the strange rituals that we have to perform before or during a save. Well, Chris doesn’t, because he doesn’t believe in that sort of thing. And anything he does do is definitely common sense.

George is also a perfectly rational human being without any superstitions. And he suggests that a lot of the superstitions are actually just planning. And then we have an argument about where the keeper should be in your subs list.

Luckily Ed saves the question with a superstition of his own. It’s all about the position of the cursor when he’s playing. And it’s a bit weird to be honest. He also carries it on in real life.

And then there’s all of this excellent stuff as well.

  • Chris is on a cliffhanger with his FK Obilić save. He’s through to the last game of the season with a three way chance for the last promotion spot. But he might have ruined it for himself when he set up the custom leagues.
  • George’s Oldham save has collapsed around his ears. But he’s not unhappy about it, mainly because he’s got Oldham up to the Premier League. And his transfer budget is six million.
  • Has Ed managed to get out of his funk? Well yes, he has, all thanks to Stoke City and stumbling across a formation that accidentally worked.
  • George wonders whether keeping things simple is the way forward. He has after all got only two team instructions running in his Oldham save.
  • We then go on to talk about the FM community, how SI’s promotion for that community has dropped down a little, and why people are banding together to make sure all of the high quality content is still getting pushed. It’s all about the hashtag wearethecommunity.

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