Episode 50: The Fiftieth Episode Bonanza

You might have noticed over the past few weeks we’ve been threading the podcasts with suggestions we might be doing something big for the new 5-0. And here it is! The fiftieth episode! And it’s not just Ed’s mic starting to work.

Actually is sort of is. Apart from George threatening to live-stream eating a cake.

We’re joined by Ege Sagin from Turkey to add an international flavour to the non-event. The question of the week is about continental cup runs – which ones really stuck in your memory?

Ege is apparently always good at the Champions League. He tends to lead Galatasary to glory, and tells a story about turning round a 7-3 drubbing in the first leg at Real Madrid.

Ed leads Juventus to the CL final without conceding a single goal during the entire competition. And then managed to lose the final to Marseille in the 120th minute.

George doesn’t have a particularly good time in European finals. But that means he’s got plenty of tales of woe to regale us with, which is fun.

Then of course there’s all of this as well –

  • George apologises for ruining the 50th episode by not actually playing any Football Manager.
  • Ege has a save running as Lincoln Red Imps from Gibraltar. They’re the most successful team on the little rock, but well that’s not saying all that much.
  • He’s also playing a Turkish team who he says are a great place to mine for regens. And he’s taken them up to the Turkish Super League. George compares them to Crewe.
  • Ed has only played five or six games this week, but he’s going through a phase where he’s finding it hard to start the game up. He’s enjoying writing about Stoke more than he is playing as Stoke, which isn’t ideal.
  • And then we have a chat about how to find motivation when you hit a slump like that. What is it that pushes us to make those saves more interesting?

Not bad for a 50th episode, and there’s more to hear as well. You can listen in the SoundCloud player below, or if you’d prefer head to iTunes and search for Deep Lying Podcast.