Episode 92 – Community Section Round-up

The community section round-up is back! Last week’s edition went down well enough that George and Ed haven’t kicked me off the site. Hopefully well enough too that you all spent your boring Monday at work catching up on the latest content from around the FM community. Who needs to be actually working, eh?!

Episode 92 featured Danny Jamieson from FPL Daily, so if you haven’t given it a listen yet, do click the link and catch up.

And a reminder too that if you’re a Deep Lying Podcast fanboy like me, you can help the guys out to continue to provide the pod straight into your ears every week. Head over to their Patreon page, and if you’ve just found some spare change down the couch too, you could maybe chip in that little bit extra too and get a few benefits for yourself!

FMAmerican was the first shout out on the pod, and he’d posted an update from his Austria Vienna save. The update I’d specifically spotted for the pod was from halfway through his 2nd season at the club, and since last week, he’s managed to finish off season 2 and get the 3rd season started too! So a few posts to catch up on there if you haven’t already.

The Wide Playmaker (who should really change his Twitter @ handle so I can easily find him next time!) is back with a new save, and this time, he’s in Italy at Atalanta. The main challenge he’s facing is trying to keep the stars they’ve currently got on their books, Kessie in particular. Again, the post I’d marked for the pod was this one, but there’s a couple more been released following that one, so loads for you to read when you get the chance to.

UnknownManager hopefully won’t be unknown for long, especially so if he manages to guide a struggling Aston Villa to Championship safety. He spotted them floundering near the bottom of the table in the 1st season in-game, and decided to take on the challenge. He analyses the squad, and the task he’s got in front of him!

The community round-up isn’t all reading and promoting blogs. It wouldn’t be a community round-up if we didn’t try and include the full spectrum of things being produced, and of course this means checking out what FM YouTube has to offer too. This week I spotted that WOLFE3Y had started a new series with Santos. With a near constant stream of talent coming through the club, it’ll be interesting to follow along with that to see how he does.

Blogs and YouTube videos together? In the same save? Across two different managers?! It’ll never work…but it is! Pulpsong and Cultured Left Foot are bringing you the Coventry Collab. CLF is doing YouTube videos, and Pulpsong is bringing you blogs on their journey as they collaborate to manage Coventry.

The final shoutouts on the pod were for two community stalwarts. Sir Strikerless, Guido, informed you what to do with your strikers if you’re thinking about going strikerless. It’s absolutely criminal that I have more Twitter followers than Bustthenet, he’s literally the master of FM. He knows the game inside out, and if you aren’t already, you need to be following him. He writes and creates videos around the game, and every time he does there’s always something to learn. You might take something from it that could just propel you to that title, or stave off relegation.

I mentioned last week that it was tricky to do a community round-up without including anything from the Higher Tempo Press, and I almost managed it! This week’s extra content especially for readers of the community round-up is a shoutout for the Champions League knockouts that writers on the HTP are having amongst themselves! A great idea to produce something on FM around some realtime football activity. Who’s going to win the HTP CL?

Remember, if you’re writing or creating videos about FM, then let us know and we can check them out and include them in our community section.