Episode 10: The DLP Decima

Wow, we’ve reached double figures. And we’re surprisingly pleased with ourselves about it. Unfortunately though we didn’t manage to snag a guest for this episode, but on the plus side that means you get to listen Ed and George have a lovely chat about the weather.

Thanks to our question of the week we also spend some time discussing your favourite player attributes. George even goes into some pretty deep data analysis, because that’s the sort of thing that he does. The conclusion? No one cares about defence, but a lot of you worry that your digital players aren’t putting enough digital work in for their digital money.

This week we also had a right old gab about –

  • George’s Slovenian adventure reaching the last round of games after a three month winter holiday. His critical analysis suggests the break might not have a place in the English game. Maribor are still the thorn in his side.
  • Ed’s Bayer Leverkusen team is on a four match running streak, and he’s got a new formation that’s going great guns for him. He’s also picked up a Brazilian for nothing at all.
  • George gives some advice to anyone thinking about joining him in Slovenia. Follow his tips and you’ll be able to hold on to your starting 11 in the transfer windows.
  • We also discuss the great work of the Special Effect gaming charity, and share your Football Manager stories and tactics.

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