Episode 11: The Super Special Interviews We Hacked Together Episode

Don’t you just hate it when sitcoms stitch together bits of old episodes rather than making something new? Well unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances, that’s what we’ve had to do with episode 11 of the DLP. Sorry about that.

Still, you’ve got a chance to catch up on some of the interview sections from earlier episodes in all of their glory, without having to listen to Ed and George complain that it’s too hot. George doesn’t even mention Maribor for a change.

The interviews are –

  • From episode three, Jonathon Aspey, our first ever guest, talks about his favourite edition of Football Manager, his favourite FM player, and whether or not he’s ever rage quit the game.
  • From episode five, JonnyGabriel tells us about Ivika Strok (the greatest made-up striker in football history) who’s scored over 800 goals during Jonny’s 28 year tenure at Celtic.
  • From episode four, Lee Scott AKA FM Analysis answers questions from the Deep Lying Podcast audience and tells the story of Arthur the Brazilian striker who scored 70 goals in one season.
  • From episode six, Alex Stewart tells us about his quest to use the Moneyball philosophy to turn Bristol City into a world class team.

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